The world is on a fast forward mode and everything is migrating to digitalisation. Business automation has become slot terbaru a must-have for any organisation that wants to be future-ready.


  • Why EXPAND ?
  • Our Vision

Expand smERP software enables the creation of an invoice with just a few clicks in a fraction of a second. The smart validation of customer details, product quantity and rate and other payment and delivery terms reduces the effort and time of the entire process. Data redundancy and checking of credit limits can also be carried out with ease.

There are multiple types of invoices that can be made with Expand smERP software, which maintain industry standards and compliances.

  • Domestic Invoice
  • Export Commercial Invoice
  • Export Invoice GST for Customs (Bonds/LUT)
  • B2C-POS Invoice (thermal/ pre printed stationery)
  • Misc Sales Invoice
  • Online Retail Invoices (for marketplaces)
  • Dedicated Services Related Invoices
  • Supplier bills booking
  • Credit/Debit Notes

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  • Concurrent User Model
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  • Completely Digital

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