Omni Channel Sales

Optimize your sales strategy with Omni-Channel Sales, seamlessly connecting and enhancing the customer experience across all channels. Streamline transactions, boost customer engagement, and maximize sales opportunities through a unified, integrated approach.


businesses with effective supply chain integration experience 10% higher revenue growth compared to their competitors

POS & Retail Order

Expand ERP streamlines retail with an advanced POS system, eliminating price tags through product code-linked selling prices. The user-friendly dashboard supports modern order booking, while real-time inventory updates and flexible sales management enhance efficiency. The platform handles pre-orders and omnichannel retail orders with ease, optimizing fulfillment based on stock availability and proximity to delivery locations.

Marketplace Integration

Omnichannel integration unifies touchpoints like POS, call centers, online orders, and social media, seamlessly connecting with operations such as order management and marketing automation. Expand smERP, fully integrated with major ecommerce platforms, provides modern solutions with real-time inventory updates, personalized service, and secure payment gateways, engaging customers effectively for strong buying desires.

Logistics Integration

90% of global transportation relies on these services, a robust and scalable solution becomes imperative. Efficient logistics integration is essential for managing diverse processes, providing a unified view, and generating customized reports for strategic decision-making. This streamlined approach ensures seamless operations and actionable insights, empowering management to make informed decisions on the fly.

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Simplify Your Supply Chain Operations

Customer experience is prime as it impacts bottom line. Today, businesses slot online need to be present everywhere. ExpandERP provides ready integration with magento, amazon, yes bank, bluedart and many other marketplace and 3rd party online applications.

5 Reasons Supply Chain Needs Erp

Marketplace Integration

Amazon, Flipkart


Warehouse Management System

Hand Held Terminal, QR code, Bin management

Payment Gateway

Paytm, Yes Bank


Logistics Streamlining

Blue Dart, Shiprocket


Online Store Compatibility

Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce

Expand POS

Most Comprehensive Offline and Online POS

High Speed


User Friendly


Offline with Automatic Sync Software


Fully Cloud Based POS

Smart Promotions Targeted Discounts

Optimize promotions effortlessly with Expand ERP. Create dynamic discounts and schemes per product, letting the system auto-select the best prices. Enhance loyalty through personalized Campaign Management, and track success with Business Intelligence.

Tax Precision

Expand ERP allows precise tax definition for products based on hierarchy and location, with start and end dates. Configure taxes as a percentage or amount, and easily manage multiple taxes per product. Include or add taxes on top of MRP as needed.

Flexible Payment Tendering

Facilitate easy cash and card transactions with Expand ERP's versatile payment options. The PCI feature ensures secure card details while providing clear running balance information in the order. Simplify and secure your payment processes with Expand ERP.

Credit Note

Generate credit notes seamlessly in Expand ERP. Select the original invoice, create a credit note proposal, and post it. The system supports pre-defined validity and allows voiding for added security. Customers can redeem credit notes at any store, and for added security, the system allows you to void it in case of fraud. Simplify your credit note process with Expand ERP.

Easy Product Retrieval

Streamline your search process with Expand ERP's intuitive features. Whether you're looking for products by name, scanning barcodes, or selecting items from the inventory list, our system ensures a quick and efficient transaction experience.

Returns Management:

Seamlessly track return orders linked to the original sales order. The system generates a credit note for the returned product amount. At the tender-type level, our system guarantees that store associates can only refund tender amounts up to the originally paid sum, ensuring accuracy and security in the return process.

ERP for SMEs

Retail & eCommerce Benefits

ERP for SMEs

Single fulfillment screen for order processing from online shop,marketplace, franchisee

ERP for SMEs

Single screen fulfillment allocation and update on marketplace

ERP for SMEs

Complete wms with pick process putaway qr code EAN 13 barcode option

ERP for SMEs

Retail management with capacity planning

ERP for SMEs

POS and thermal printing options

Digital Transformation

ERP on Cloud Facts