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  • Capture Leads and Storage

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  • Desktop Login for One admin User Included
  • Visual Dashboard Through Desktop
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  • Track Follow-Up and Interaction History
  • Visit Check-In and Check-Outs with Gps Location
  • Call Duration Capturing
  • Create Unlimited Contacts and Leads
  • Organize Your Lead Funnel and Sales Process

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Digital Transformation for Small Business

  • Create Customer Suppliers and Other Contacts
  • Create Multiple Business and Branch
  • Create Unlimited User
  • Create Approved Workflow
  • Create SKU, Raw Materials, Finished Goods Store Items
  • Create SO, invoice, e-invoice, e-waybill
  • Create PO, Bills, GRN
  • Create Credit Notes, Debit Notes, Receipts, Payments, Journals
  • Generate BRS, P/L, B/S
  • Make Consumption Entries
  • Define Credit Limits, Alerts
  • Visual Dashboard, Sales, and Purchase Planning Screen
  • All Daily Business Reports, Aging Reports, MIS

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Comprehensive B2B platform on Cloud

  • All that is in the Lite +
  • Create Price List
  • Create Quotation
  • Create Export Orders, Invoices, Packing List
  • Create Ifrs, Shipping Bill, Cargo Movement
  • Create Container Planning
  • Create Production Advice, Job Cart, Job Work
  • Create Work Orders, Bill Subcontractors
  • Create Stagewise Production
  • Generate Barcode, QR Code for Product
  • Create Bins, Stores, Zones
  • Complete Pick, Put Away Process
  • Get Workflow Customization
  • Get Report Customization
  • Get Multi-Level Approved
  • Manage Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple UOM Transactions
  • (Additional on demand functions)

  • WMS with handheld terminal App
  • Point of Sale Online billing
  • Schemes, Offers and Loyalty
  • Vendor Portal and Customer Portal

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Select our software service that suits your business best.

From simple sales app managing leads for the micro entreprenuers, to our Expand easygrow, made for small businesses to help and hand hold them through out the process of digital transformation, to Expand smERP, our comprehensive cloud Erp for the Indian SMEs to manage your business completely online, we have the perfect software support to automate your business and grow faster.



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Certifications and Standards

Our data centers are certified to meet rigorous environmental and energy-management standards.

Certifications listed may not be available at all IBX facilities within this metro. For a complete list, visit our Certifications page.

  • SOC 1 Type II
  • SOC 2 Type II
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 22301

Awards & Recognition

ERP for Manufacturers
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expand data security
ERP for Manufacturers

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need a High speed internet for EXPAND ERP?

    EXPAND can be accessed comfortably using a broadband or 3G connection.

  • Who is using EXPAND?

    EXPAND caters and understand the needs of $1 million turnover and even $100 million with same ease. Many Recognised Star Export Houses and Manufacturing brands are fully automated. ‘Testimonial of a Customer’

  • Are you worried, ERP implementation may not succeed?

    EXPAND takes care of everything until go live and beyond. Starting from requirements gathering to configuration to training to data migration and hand holding. EXPAND has team of business experts, data entry resources and cutting edge instant remote support. No worries of infrastructure or data security as everything is on cloud.

  • Do I need a server at my office?

    For EXPAND on cloud you do not need to invest on server. Your users only need a simple pc, desktop or laptop with any web browser like Internet explorer, Google Chrome or Safari in case of Macbook. You will access EXPAND exactly the way you access any free web based emailing application like gmail, hotmail etc…

  • Are you worried about cost or time to implement?

    EXPAND uses cloud technology and is available as a subscription. It is inexpensive and you can pay as you grow. You do not need to invest in expensive server or change any existing hardware. EXPAND on cloud technology is fast to rollout at all your locations. It is easy to update system centrally. This is the future and is much faster and cheaper.

  • What does your subscription include? Do I pay AMC?

    The subscription includes bug fix, quarterly updates, new enhancements, framework updates, new versions and complete remote support. There is no AMC under cloud.

  • Is data secured on Cloud?

    Data is 100% secured with encryption, firewall and every 4 hourly backup to geographically different location.

  • Can my resource learn EXPAND ERP or do I need more qualified resources?

    EXPAND is most user friendly ERP software in the market. It is not what we say. It’s the feedback from over 1000+ users. Further we provide with enough hands on training and support to your resources so that they can work independently.

  • Migrate from any accounting system

    We can migrate your data to EXPAND in days and not weeks or months. No worry to maintain parallel systems or extra resources.

  • Cloud to help you start instantly

    We will not disturb your existing setup. You will access EXPAND through Internet Explorer or Chrome from our Cloud in Singapore. We will manage backup and security for you.